MECH 310 – AUB – Package 1

MECH 310 – AUB – Package 1

MECH 310 – AUB – Package 1

This course discusses the fundamentals of thermodynamics. You will learn how to solve thermodynamic problems through the application of thermodynamic laws. You will cover concepts related to pure substances, P-v-T diagrams, internal energy, work, heat and entropy.

  • Thermodynamic Tables And Charts

    In this section you will find all the thermodynamic tables and figures used in solving all thermodynamics problems in this course. In order to practice for your exam make sure to refer to the course tables as they might slightly differ in format. Note however that only small differences in the answers will be observed by using another reference table.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Thermodynamics

    In this section, fundamental concepts and terminologies such as that of the control volume, control mass, boundaries in addition to a preliminary introduction to the conservation of energy principle will be discussed

  • Chapter 2: Pure Substances

    In this section, a strict definition of a pure substance will be presented. We will discuss what constitutes a pure substance and what doesn't. You will also get introduced to the P-V-T diagrams and the Thermodynamic Tables which are critical in solving any thermodynamic problem

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Pure Substances
      02 min
    • Solved Problem 3
      10 min
  • Chapter 3: First Law of Thermodynamics

    In this section, the first law of thermodynamics will be presented. Its different components such as the heat, work and internal energy will be discussed in detail. A new thermodynamic property called enthalpy will also be introduced. This chapter implements nicely the different concepts covered up to know.

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to First Law
      01 min
  • Chapter 4: Practical Thermodynamics
    • Problem 2
  • Mock Quizzes

    Welcome to the mock exam section. Make sure to use the thermodynamic tables provided in the first section to get matching results with those displayed. Otherwise pick the closest value to your answer. Hints are available to give you a push when needed. Refer to hints only when needed! Goodluck!

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