CHEM 212 – AUB – Package 1

CHEM 212 – AUB – Package 1

CHEM 212 – AUB – Package 1

This online course will make you love Organic Chemistry. It’s composed of very detailed and short videos, enhancing your online learning efficiency. Pop up questions will be administered frequently to make sure you’re getting the material, and I’ll be monitoring you always as I will be receiving emails of your improvement, and the number of videos you have left.

Package 1 revises ALL of Organic Chemistry I, and covers chapters 13-14-15, it requires 11.5 hours in total. You will be understanding the material, solving a LOT of questions, and most importantly, asking questions whenever you want because I will be scheduling office hours.

Attending my sessions, solving my questions, and focusing on my tricks will allow you to ace the course. I promise you, Organic Chemistry will be your favorite course from now on!

  • Chem 211 revision session
  • Chapter 13: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution and Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
      28 min
  • Chapter 14: Spectroscopy
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Spectroscopy
      03 min
  • Chapter 15: Organometallic compounds
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Organometallic compounds
      24 min
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I'm Nader Zalaquett, your Organic Chemistry Tutor. I'm currently a medical student at AUB, I've been teaching organic chemistry for 2 years, I tutored 200+ students in several universities including AUB, LAU, McGill, Washington University, UOB... I will be supplying you with tricks and shortcuts to ace Organic Chemistry. My mission is to make you fall in love with this course, and eventually, an A+ will follow.


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  • Organic Chemistry II (Chem 212)

    Top explanation in a very organized way. Every chapter has its solving session which assesses all parts of the chapter. For sure, I would recommend taking this course. 10/10
  • Organic Chemistry II Review

    The video system truly helped understand the course material at our own pace and in a very convenient manner. The ideas communicated were very clear and the attention to detail is admirable. Yet, independent practice aside these videos is an essential element for them to actually benefit you. Best of luck to everyone who takes this course in the future!
  • hadi youssef houchaimy

    Organic Chemistry II Review

    I took chem212 in summer, those short videos managed to explain every single detail in a very organized way. with watching Nader's videos only, i was able to solve all the book questions and testbanks and get around 95% of those questions correct. the videos being short helped me ace the course with minimal work and at the same time enjoy my summer.
  • Elissa Hassan


    The short but useful videos have made studying organic chemistry so much easier and more personalized! Even if you're feeling lazy on a particular day, you can still scrub in 10 minutes of chemistry given how Nader divides the information! Not once did I end a video without having understood the concept. Brilliant teaching, Nader can put experienced doctors in his back pocket :)
  • Zeina Karam


    Nader makes it easy for us to grasp the concepts, explanations are very clear and he provides us with small tricks that make everything so much easier. the videos are short and very organized. you dont lose focus while watching. Nader even managed to turn solving sessions into something fun; I now enjoy practicing reactions. honestly 10/10 recommended.
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Instructor Nader Zalaquett
Duration 100 days
Lectures 59
Enrolled 149 students