CIVE 310 – AUB – Package 2

CIVE 310 – AUB – Package 2

CIVE 310 – AUB – Package 2

In section 6, you will get to know that normal stresses are not only due to forces. Normal stresses are also caused by internal bending moments. You will learn how to calculate bending normal stresses that result from internal bending moments about single axis. Double bending (bending about both axes) is also covered in depth. You will learn the meaning of the Neutral Axis and how to locate it. Also, you will get to know what eccentric loads are and how they affect the calculations of normal stresses at any point on the cross section. Finally, chapter 6 ends with the definition of composite beams, and the method used to calculate normal stresses in composite beams.

In section 7, you will get to know the formula that reflects the variation of shear stresses in a beam’s cross section. In this chapter, you will discover that average shear stresses (force over area) are not used in shear stress calculations in the beam’s cross section. A new formula is introduced for shear stresses that are developed in cross sections subjected to shear forces. New parameters such as Q and t are introduced. Also, you will learn how to locate and calculate the maximum shear stress in a beam subjected to a given loading. Also, you will learn that shear forces can develop in two directions in a beam, and you will be able to calculate shear stresses at any point on the cross section whether it is subjected to horizontal shear, vertical shear, or both.

In section 8, you will learn about torsion and the shear stresses they create in the beam. Also, you will learn how to calculate the angle of twist that develops from torsional moments. You will also learn how to solve indeterminate structures using compatibility equations containing the angle of twist.

  • Section 6: Bending Stresses

    In this chapter, you discover that normal stresses are not only the result of axial forces. They are also caused by internal bending moment. Long story short: Internal bending Moments create normal stresses.

    • Lesson 1: Normal Stresses Due to Bending
      18 min
  • Section 7: Shear Stresses and Shear Flow

    In this section, you learn about how the shear stress varies along the beam's depth when the beam is subjected to a shear force. Also, you will learn the concept of shear flow and where it used in design.

    • Lesson 1: Vertical Shear Stresses – part 1
      25 min
  • Section 8: Torsion

    In this section you learn about torsion and angle of twist.

    • Lesson 1: Torsion
      14 min
  • Mock Exams

    In this section you will practice a timed mock exam. Try to be as fast as possible so that you practice speed without losing accuracy.

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  • Sarah Nasr


    Taking this course on this platform pushed me into wanting to deeply understand every single little notion in every single course because you truly do understand every single notion explained in the videos. The videos succeeded in delivering a very clear explanation of every chapter and even reflected how the concepts discussed in the chapters are not absurd but rather realistic situations.
  • Nabih Moubarak


    Very helpful platform, well design to suit the student. It provides us with the needed information, and the right practice to get used to the material and problem solving process. Only bad note I could find is the fact that we should confirm our answers several times in the videos, which is a little bit annoying. But overall, a really good choice!
  • Abbass Zein

    Course Recommendation

    I recommend studying this course with Mr Rateeb as he is very good at explaining the lessons, he also provides many examples and quizes to enhance one's understanding and speed of solving. Very highly recommended.
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