GNE 331 – LAU – Package 2

GNE 331 – LAU – Package 2

GNE 331 – LAU – Package 2

In section 5, we learn more about the continuous random variables and their distributions: Uniform Distribution, Normal Distribution, Exponential Distribution, Gamma Distribution, and Chi-Squared Distribution. We also learn about how to go from one pdf to another.

In section 6, we learn about joint probability distributions of TWO random variables (both continuous and discrete). In this section, we cover important parameters such as conditional pdfs, conditional expectations, covariance, correlation, and independence of two random variables.

In section 7, we learn that sample statistics (such as sample mean and sample standard deviation) are random variables by themselves. We learn more about sampling distributions and how to calculate probabilities concerning sample statistics.

  • Section 5: Continuous Probability Distributions

    In this section we learn about various continuous probability distributions: Uniform , Normal , Exponential , Gamma, and Chi-squared distributions are fully explained.

    • Lesson 1: Continuous Random Variables and Probability Density Functions
      19 min
  • Section 6: Joint Probability Distributions

    In this section , we expand our knowledge from a single random variable (continuous or discrete) to two random variables (continuous and discrete). We learn how to calculate probabilities, expected values, and correlation of two random variables.

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Joint Probability Distributions
      11 min
  • Section 7: Fundamental Sampling Distributions

    In this section we learn the fundamental sampling distributions of the sample mean, the sample proportion and the sample variance

    • Lesson 1: Fundamental Sampling Distribution
      12 min
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