CIVE 340 – AUB – Package 2

CIVE 340 – AUB – Package 2

CIVE 340 – AUB – Package 2

In this package , we learn about the principles and equations that govern Fluid Dynamics. Acceleration of Fluids, Euler’s Equation, Bernoulli’s equation, the Energy Equation, and the Momentum Equation are all explained in this section.

  • Section 3: Acceleration, Euler and Bernoulli

    In this section, we learn about the principles and equations that govern the motion of fluids.

    • Lesson 1: Description of Fluid Motion
      19 min
  • Section 4: Continuity, Energy, and Momentum

    In this section we learn about the continuity equation, the energy equation, and the momentum equation.

    • Lesson 1: Volume Flow Rate, Mean Velocity, and Mass Flow Rate
      19 min
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  • Chris Klink


    The way of teaching on this site is excellent. The organization makes the learning experience very easy and dynamic. Every aspect of the material is well taught through different short videos. For practice, the problem sessions are built in a way that gives you the opportunity to try to solve it on your own before the intervention of the tutor, which makes practicing very easy to drive into. However, the solutions to the quizzes are given in pdf, I would prefer that they were given as videos just as the problems.
  • Michel Abou Khalil


    Excellent tutor, the best one. I took with him many civil courses and its the first course (fluid mechanics) that i am taking using this platform. At first I thought it will be a little confusing but i was completely wrong its very well organised, clear , fast forward and consist of short videos (max 20min) which will keep you focused 100%. And through this platform you can study and organise your time at your own pace
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