ENGR 361 – Concordia – Package 1

ENGR 361 – Concordia – Package 1

ENGR 361 – Concordia – Package 1

In this course we study the mechanics of fluids (both static fluids and dynamic fluids). Fluids are substances whose molecules can flow past one another. They can be either gases or liquids. In this package , you will learn the following:

In section 1, you learn some important fluid properties that characterize fluids in general. For example, you learn the definition of mass density, specific weight, specific gravity, specific volume, vapor pressure, and bulk modulus of elasticity. Also, you learn the ideal gas law which is very useful in calculating the mass density of various gases. After that, you learn about fluid viscosity and its role in the resistance of the fluid deformation under shear stresses. Finally, we look more into surface tension: a fluid property that explains a lot of phenomena including rise of water in capillaries, equilibrium of objects on liquid surfaces, and the formation of concave meniscus in small tubes containing water.

In section 2, you learn the principles that govern Fluid Statics (fluids at rest). Here we learn about the pressure variation with respect to a fluid at rest. We also learn how to measure the pressure using manometers such as piezometric tubes, U-tube manometers, and differential manometers. Moreover, we learn how to calculate hydrostatic forces on plane and curved gates.

  • Section 1: Fluid Properties

    In this section, we dig deeper into some fluid properties that characterize fluids and make them unique.

    • Lesson 1: Mass Density, Specific Weight, and Specific Gravity
      22 min
  • Section 2: Fluid Statics

    In this section, we learn about the principles that govern fluids at rest.

    • Lesson 1: Pressure Variation With Depth In Continuous Fluid
      26 min
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