ENGR 244 – Concordia – Package 1

ENGR 244 – Concordia – Package 1

ENGR 244 – Concordia – Package 1

Mechanics of Materials is the branch of mechanics that studies the internal effects of stress and strain of a solid material that is subjected to external forces and moments.

In section 1, you will recall important concepts from Statics, especially how to find internal forces and draw shear and bending diagrams.

In section 2, you will learn about the different types of stresses that the material can be subjected to. Normal stresses, shear stresses, and bearing stresses are covered. Also, you will learn how to design the material not to fail against externally applied loads based on the allowable stress design.

In section 3, you will learn about deformations and strain as well as their types. You will learn how to calculate axial deformation, normal strain, shear deformation and shear strain. The objective of this chapter is to quantify the changes in shape and size of material subjected to external applied forces.

In section 4, you will learn about the mechanical properties of the material. Concepts such as strength, ductility, yielding, toughness, and rigidity are explained. Also, you will learn about the stress-strain diagrams and their importance in designing for a safe and sound structure. Parameters such as the modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio are defined, and Hooke’s law is explained in depth. Moreover, you will learn about the behavior of the material upon load application followed by load removal. Permanent strain, recovered strain, elastic and inelastic phase are also explained in depth. You will also learn about how the material behaves when it is subjected to stresses in more than one direction, or what is known as the general state of stress.

In section 5, you will derive a formula for axial deformation as a function of the modulus of elasticity, the length of the material, the external applied load, and the area of normal stress. Moreover, you will learn about the response of axial deformations under temperature effects. You will also learn how to solve indeterminate structures using compatibility equations.

  • Section 1: Statics Review

    In this section, we review how to find internal reactions of a beam and draw the axial, shear, and bending moment diagrams using the equation method and the area method.

    • Lesson 1: Statics Review Part 1
      17 min
  • Section 2: Stress

    In chapter 1, you learn about stresses and their three types: Average Normal Stress, Average Shear Stress, and Bearing Stress.

    • Lesson 1: Definition and Types of Stresses
      13 min
    • Problem 1: Average Normal Stresses
      18 min
  • Section 3: Strain

    In chapter 2, you learn about deformations and strain; both normal and shear.

    • Lesson 1: Axial Deformation
      10 min
  • Section 4: Mechanical Properties of Materials

    In chapter 3, you learn about the mechanical properties of material: Strength, Ductility, Toughness, Stiffness, and Rigidity. Also, you learn about the stress strain diagram, both normal and shear.

    • Lesson 1: Strength and Ductility
      12 min
  • Section 5: Axial Deformations and Compatibility Equations

    In this chapter, we develop an explicit formula of axial deformations due to axial forces and temperature. Also, we learn how to use axial deformations to solve indeterminate stuctures.

    • Lesson 1: Axial Deformation – Formula
      16 min
  • Mock Exams (Sections 1 to 5)
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