CHEM 211 – AUB – Package 1

CHEM 211 – AUB – Package 1

CHEM 211 – AUB – Package 1

This online course will make you love Organic Chemistry. It’s composed of very detailed and short videos, enhancing your online learning efficiency. Pop up questions will be administered frequently to make sure you’re getting the material, and I’ll be monitoring you always as I will be receiving emails of your improvement, and the number of videos you have left.

Package 1 covers chapters 1-2-3-4, it requires 11.5 hours in total. You will be understanding the material, solving a LOT of questions, and most importantly, asking questions whenever you want because I will be scheduling office hours.

Attending my sessions, solving my questions, and focusing on my tricks will allow you to ace the course. I promise you, Organic Chemistry will be your favorite course from now on!

  • Chapter 1: Structure Determines Property
    • Lesson 1: Representation of Organic Molecules
      21 min
  • Chapter 2: Alkanes and Cycloalkanes: Introduction to Hydrocarbons
    • Lesson 1: Bonding and Orbitals
      18 min
  • Chapter 3: Alkanes and Cycloalkanes: Conformations and cis-trans stereoisomers
    • Lesson 1: 3D Conformations
      21 min
  • Chapter 4: Chirality
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I'm Nader Zalaquett, your Organic Chemistry Tutor. I'm currently a medical student at AUB, I've been teaching organic chemistry for 2 years, I tutored 200+ students in several universities including AUB, LAU, McGill, Washington University, UOB... I will be supplying you with tricks and shortcuts to ace Organic Chemistry. My mission is to make you fall in love with this course, and eventually, an A+ will follow.


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  • mohammad raja taleb

    mhmd taleb

    chem 211 with nader was a peice of cake. nader will provide you with all concepts needed to get 100 on the exam and even without a raise. he explains well and he dives deeply into concept to help you catch it quickly. i enjoyed taking the course with him in summer and i advise everyone to register with him.
  • admin

    Feedback on Nader Zalaquette

    This organic chemistry course is the best and only way to get the A+. Many concepts which hide in the corners of the textbook and/or professors don’t even bother to mention come in the exam and the only way to uncover them is through Nader. Also, the videos and concepts are placed strategically to make you understand the course as a whole which helped me make links and comprehend the material more fluently. Finally, examples and exercises are done in every single video and, most importantly, the mock given at the end helps reinforce concepts and small details which appear out of no where in the exams. I took both Chem 211 and 212 with Nader and I can reassure you that you won’t regret it. I managed to get an A+ on both.
  • maryam daher

    Feedback on CHEM 211 with Nader

    If you are looking to ace CHEM 211, Nader is your finest option! The videos are very beneficial as they include a great deal of practice and tricks on each concept, along with the solving sessions that wrap up the whole chapter and point out the crucial ideas. The mock quizzes are exactly what you need to make mistakes and learn from them to avoid making them in the exam.
  • Tanya Alameh

    Feedback on Organic Chemistry 1 with Nader

    Tutoring with Nader provided me with an extremely easy path to achieve and ace exams in CHEM 211 course, in which this package included deep explanations of the concepts needed and helped practice every single branch of them. Moreover, I believe that the mock exams provided helped me to prepare very well for the exam since they were very similar to what I got.
  • Raphael Mouawad

    Feedback on Organic Chemistry 1

    I took Chem 211 in summer knowing I have difficulties in Organic 1 but some friends advised me to take the course tutoring with a guy called Nader. I began to watch the recorded sessions and was surprised at how organized and well executed the tutoring was. The tutoring helped me a lot with the course as well as Nader following up every week to check with my progress. All in all, I would recommend Nader for anyone taking the course and I am grateful for my friends who advised me to do it.
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Price 129.99$ 99.99$
Instructor Nader Zalaquett
Duration 90 days
Lectures 39
Enrolled 60 students