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" I would really recommend this course to other students. the explanation is very clear and well organized + the built in quizzes help us stay focused during the session + I liked that the sessions are not too long. and as for the skipping if right I liked this just for the basic math things like trigonometry but as for the course concepts I repeated this part..."
Myriam Daher-AUB
" This platform is very beneficial and highly recommended. A lot of work has been put into this website to allow the student to understand all the key concepts of this course. A program has been created to test the student while watching the lectures about the material, which forces the students to be fully focused on every word the lecturer says. After covering a certain concept, a step by step recorded solution to practice exercises will be provided. After the lectures and the problem solving, a quiz is given so the student will get familiar with the type of questions on exams and get used to finishing on time. This program is a step by step guide for better results in any given course. I had a hard time understanding the course material before enrolling in this program but now I find them really simple..."
Mohammad Hariri-AUB
" I’ve heard a lot about mechanics of material that its a hard course so I was a bit scared to be honest. However this platform simplified everything for me and really made my learning experience fun and enjoyable. Taking this course with 01tutor was a great decision and I absolutely recommend it to anyone aiming for high grades and an enjoyable experience..."
Kareem Jaber-AUB
" Very good experience for an online platform learning system , more efficient that zoom or WebEx system, where you can understand the material at your speed and practice with examples and exercises...”
Halim Ghafary-AUB
" This is definitely the best way of giving the material. Everything is clear and straight to the point. Moreover, the platform increases your ability to focus because the lectures are short and interactive since you have to answer questions throughout the video. Highly recommended!! "
Mia Bassil-AUB
" One of the best choices was to learn this course with 01TUTOR. Clear explanation and great techniques like including small questions during the video of explanation, also the quizzes at end of each section are a great quiz for each one to know his/her weaknesses. Highly recommended..."
Hussein Moussawi-AUB
" My feedback on learning this course with 01TUTOR is nothing but the best decision ever. Mechanics of Materials is one of the toughest civil courses given to students and with this new online platform I think it is what every student needs in order to grasp the material and become an expert in problem solving. The mini quizzes given during the video keep the student aware at all times during the video. The problem solving also helps the student tackle all types of problems. The idea of having short videos keeps the student going on and on and I love the idea. All together, it is a very unique and essential learning platform we all need..."
Dianna Zebib-AUB

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